Recording with Little Raven Publishing

A few weeks ago, I recorded an excerpt from one of my stories, ‘The Mercy of Strange Men’, for Little Raven, an erotic fiction startup here in Melbourne. Little Raven are planning their first ebook at the moment, and run regular erotic spoken word nights around Melbourne (follow them on Twitter or Facebook, or check out their website if you’d like to be kept in the loop). They also record erotic fiction and poetry and make it available for listening via streaming. At the moment my story’s up, you should go and have a listen!

I really enjoyed the opportunity to record my work, although truth be told, probably not as much as I enjoyed the opportunity to sit around a table drinking wine and chatting with other authors and Van and Yas who run Little Raven. It’s always a little strange to hear your voice recorded when you’re more used to it coming out of your mouth (the old “do I really sound like that?!”), but it’s still fun.

I hope you enjoy listening; definitely check out some of the other recorded stuff while you’re there!